IIT Kharagpur Rekrutmen 2016 Untuk GATE Berkualitas

IIT Kharagpur Rekrutmen 2016 Untuk GATE Berkualitas: IIT telah menerbitkan pemberitahuan peneliti Jr. pelamar yang memenuhi syarat dapat apply.EFFECT OF kesenjangan antar muka di FRP memperkuat komponen struktural: suatu STUDI eksperimental / NO (GCN). Kompetensi: M.Tech di Engg Sipil Berkualitas di GATE Bagaimana menerapkan. Kompeten & amp; amp; Tertarik pelamar dapat menerapkan pada kertas biasa, memberikan

Layanan IIT Kharagpur Rekrutmen 2016 untuk GATE memenuhi syarat untuk tampil di Helpdesk Gerbang

IIT Indore Rekrutmen untuk SRF 2016

IIT Indore Rekrutmen untuk SRF 2016: -Advertisement untuk Research Associate (RA) / SRF Pos IIT Indore telah mengeluarkan pemberitahuan untuk SRF. Aplikasi diundang dari termotivasi dan berkualitas untuk posisi Research Associate (RA) / SRF dalam sebuah proyek penelitian yang didanai oleh CSIR berjudul “Mengembangkan penanggulangan Serangan presentasi pada sistem biometrik dengan fokus pada tangan

IIT Indore Rekrutmen untuk SRF pekerjaan pada tahun 2016 muncul di Helpdesk Gate.

situasi kerja di AS – Juli 2016 (Rumah Tangga & amp; amp; Penciptaan)

Dalam beberapa bulan terakhir, tingkat pengangguran di negara ini stabil, tanpa banyak buang waktu berlengah. Menurut publikasi bulanan Berita Biro Statistik Tenaga Kerja, AS Departemen Tenaga Kerja, tingkat pengangguran nasional di Juli 2016 adalah 4,9 persen, sama dengan bulan Juni Bulan ini, kekuatan berbagai industri, … Read more »

Juli 2016 Glossy Box Unboxing

Cinta Hi! Aku tidak percaya Agustus adalah di sini! Hari ini saya ingin berbagi dengan Anda produk besar yang saya dapatkan di kotak dari Juni Glossybox. bulan ini kotak dalam kotak Pool Party! Glossybox kecantikan adalah kotak berlangganan bulanan yang mengirim lima deluxe produk kecantikan ukuran untuk mencoba. Anda dapat berlangganan tiga […]

Meet 2016 SFJ diversity fellows from Bradenton Herald, Washington Post, UT-Austin

We are excited to introduce our 2016 Penny Bender Fuchs Diversity Fellows! They each will receive an expense-paid trip to attend our annual conference, happening in Aug. 10-13 in Austin, Texas.

Get to know them a little here.

Jenny Abella, The Washington Post

AAJA VOICES 2014 mugs

Jenny Abella

Jennifer Abella has been a copy editor at The Washington Post since 2000, when she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Currently the copy chief for Washington Post Magazine, she has held several positions at the paper, including features copy chief and deputy

copy chief of the universal news desk. In her spare time she is a pop culture junkie and Anglophile who blogs and manages social media for UNC’s annual Jane Austen Summer Program.


Q: Tell us about your current job.

I oversee copy editing and production for The Washington Post Magazine: I slot copy, oversee proofing, manage production deadlines, publish stories to the Web and compile our entertainment calendar.

Q: What are some of the favorites stories you covered?

We’ve done some great stories recently, including a mascot boot camp and an infographic about black superheroes going mainstream.

Q: How do you use social media?

I am on social media every day mostly for personal use, but also to support my volunteer work for the Jane Austen Summer Program in North Carolina. My work with JASP allows me to experiment —  on a small scale —  with concepts I’ve gleaned from working at The Post.

Q: Why is features journalism important to you?

I love learning about the personal angles of stories — not just policies or politics, but also the way they affect people’s lives.

Q: What is your favorite quote?

“I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.” – Jane Austen, “Pride and Prejudice”

It applies to anything you love, really — you don’t even feel it happening; it just happens.

Q: What kinds of media do you personally read for fun and news?

I am thoroughly addicted to Twitter, particularly news accounts that have a geeky/entertainment bent: The Mary Sue, Hitfix, IGN, Vulture, The Hollywood Reporter.

For fun, I read young adult literature as well as pop culture-centric nonfiction.

Q: What do you hope to get from SFJ conference?

I’d like to get back in touch with the roots of editing and working with writers to craft a strong narrative without losing the writer’s voice. I’m also really interested in the impact of social media on features stories. I’d love to learn more about crafting compelling social headlines for our content and how other publications enhance their long reads for the web in an age when readers have such short attention spans.

 Amaris Castillo, Bradenton Herald

Amaris Castillo Photo

Amaris Castillo

Amaris Castillo is a law enforcement/island reporter for the Bradenton Herald, where she has worked since 2014.

Castillo has a multimedia series called Bodega Stories, where she publishes stories and portraits of people who frequent her parents’ Latin market in Saint Petersburg, Fla. The project is her small way of preserving language and culture, which means a lot to her as a first-generation American.

Castillo was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., to Dominican parents and has a master’s from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and a bachelor’s from the University of South Florida.


Q: Tell us about your current job.

As the law enforcement/island reporter for the Bradenton Herald, I am regularly sent out to cover breaking news situations such as shootings, fires and crashes. I also report on Anna Maria Island, a 7-mile barrier island that’s filled with challenges related to tourism and all that it brings to residents and business owners. There are three cities on the island, so my job is to keep track of what’s going on in each city. As the night reporter at my newspaper, I’m also called on to cover general assignment stories that range from graduation ceremonies to animal rights protests.

Though law enforcement and the island are my primary beats, I am always searching for interesting feature stories, as well as stories on the immigrant experience — one of my interests.

Q: What are some of the favorite stories you covered?

One is a series on a Honduran boy who crossed the border to reunite with his parents in Bradenton and the challenges he now faces as he seeks asylum. Another story I enjoyed working on was the historic and absolutely bizarre election tie-breaker in Bradenton Beach between an ousted mayor and current-mayor/former- vice mayor — it was one of those “only in Florida” stories where I witnessed an election tie broken through a deck of cards.

Though interviewing people who are grieving after losing a loved one is extremely difficult, I feel it is an honor to tell their stories. Some of my favorite stories have been about grieving and loss; I wrote a story about a grieving mother who lost her daughter to a heroin overdose just days prior to our interview, and I also recently sat down with a local family who lost four relatives in the Ecuador earthquake. It means a lot to have people willing to speak to me despite their overwhelming grief — I do not take this lightly and always do my best to treat what they tell me with great care.

Q: How do you use social media?

I use social media to share my work, as well as the work of my colleagues and other journalists I admire.

I also use social media as a reporting tool; there have been times where these networks have helped me reach a new source. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I am able to dig and dig and dig until I am able to reach someone I need to speak to for a story.

Q: Why is features journalism important to you?

Features journalism is important to me because it stretches beyond the formulaic and cut-and-dried story. It allows journalists to expand and try to incorporate feeling and the essence of a source in the story — the exhausted eyes of a grieving mother, the nervous face of a graduate about to step onto the stage and receive his diploma. I am drawn to feature stories because they bring me in and make me feel as if I am a witness to what’s being done and what’s being said.

Features journalism not only informs the public, but it engages the public.

Q: What is your favorite quote?

“Nothing happens unless first we dream” by the late poet/writer Carl Sandburg.

Q: What kinds of media do you personally read for fun and news?

For news, I read the Bradenton Herald, Tampa Bay Times, The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, NPR, to name a few. I also listen to NPR and different podcasts on my commute to and from work.

For fun, I enjoy watching Buzzfeed videos and I enjoy reading cultural sites such as Remezcla. I also really enjoy reading independent media like The Mash-Up Americans and La Galeria Magazine.

Q: What do you hope to get from SFJ conference?

I hope to leave the SFJ conference inspired, rejuvenated and with tools on how to become a better storyteller. My newspaper is smaller compared to other area newspapers, and so I hope to learn and soak in as much as I can to bring this knowledge back to my colleagues.

I look forward to meeting features editors from all over the U.S. and asking them what makes a great feature story to them personally — what are some do’s and, most importantly, what are some don’ts? I am so excited to be in the same space as others who are passionate about features journalism and look forward to productive discussions and workshops that will be both challenging and stimulating.

Emily Gibson, The University of Texas at Austin


Emily Gibson

I was born in Baltimore, Md., and grew up reading preteen tabloids such as Tiger Beat and J-14. Thankfully, my taste in magazines and journalism evolved, but my appetite for it didn’t.

I measure my lifetime in what blog or project I was writing at the time (my first “novel” was written when I was in grade school and was called Lobster Face, my first middle school blog was about music and was called CantBeatIt, I currently co-run a magazine, etc.)

When I got to high school, I took a newspaper course and that small taste of newsroom experience confirmed what I already knew: that I was going to give this journalism thing a shot.


Q: Tell us about your current job.

I currently intern for The Austin Chronicle, I am the communications assistant for the UT School of Biomedical Engineering and I run my own magazine, SMEAR Magazine, which published online and in print (we are currently working on our second print issue.)

Q: What are some of the favorites stories you covered?

I wrote a story about Texas’ first theatrical wrestling league run completely by female-identified people, which was a really awesome experience. I also worked on a story about the Austin Music Census citing a lack of gender diversity in the Austin scene, and how women musicians in Austin responded to that.

Most recently, I did a story about front man John Pelant from a band called Night Moves, which was a good experience because I had wanted to do a long form music feature for some time.

Q: How do you use social media?

I use social media to start conversations. Whether it is a joke status I post on Facebook or a questioning tweet about a policy or a news event, my main goal is always to get people talking and comfortable talking to each other. I think that, at its core, that is the purpose of social media: to be able to talk to people and bring people from different backgrounds and perspectives together.

Q: Why is features journalism important to you?

Features journalism is what attracted me to the field. Being able to meet people from different backgrounds and tell their stories seems like such an ideal job that I often have to remind myself that it is something I am really working toward. I think it’s important to use these platforms to tell stories that make people think – to represent the unrepresented voices and to provide a different perspective on issues. The fact that I am pursuing a job where I can tell people’s stories that could possibly incite some sort of change is exciting to me, and it is important to me to become the best features journalist I can be so I can better represent these people and their stories.

Q: What is your favorite quote?

“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” – Chuck Palahniuk

Q: What kinds of media do you personally read for fun and news?

For news, I read The Austin Chronicle, The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun and Texas Monthly. For fun, I typically like to read memoirs – the most memorable one I have read in the past year was “Slave: My True Story” by Mende Nazer, and I am currently reading “Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise” by Ruth Reichl. I also like to read music magazines, specifically Impose and Pitchfork. And fiction-wise, I typically enjoy books that are a little strange or dystopian – Chuck Palahniuk and Margaret Atwood, for example.

Q: What do you hope to get from SFJ conference?

I am extremely excited to attend the SFJ conference. I hope to learn about the industry from people working in the field and hear the stories of how they decided to pursue features journalism and their favorite stories they’ve worked on.

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sistem logaritma

situasi kerja di AS – Mei 2016 (Rumah Tangga & amp; amp; Penciptaan)

Setelah berbulan-bulan dormansi, akhirnya ada beberapa berita untuk mendorong orang Amerika dalam hal situasi pengangguran di negara itu. tingkat pengangguran nasional menurun sebesar 0,3 poin persentase Mei 2016 menjadi 4,7% jam dengan keuntungan dari 484.000 pekerjaan bulan ini. Jumlah pengangguran di negeri ini … Read more »

NBA 2016 Tinggal Tracker: Rumor, daftar lengkap pilihan, analisis

2016 NBA Draft telah tiba.

Ikuti bersama dengan NESN.com hidup blog draft tracker sepanjang malam untuk setiap opsi, dan rumor terbaru dan analisis dengan update kami

09 : 42 Jimmy Butler tinggal di Chicago untuk saat ini, tetapi tampaknya Celtics benar-benar adalah tembakan terbaik di mendarat di atasnya, itu bukan Wolves, yang merancang Kris Dunn

08:48 Kami memiliki perdagangan blockbuster lain. Vertikal melaporkan bahwa Serge Ibaka Oklahoma City Thunder maju telah dijual ke Orlando Magic dalam pertukaran untuk Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova dan hak untuk No 11 koleksi Domantas Sabonis.

08:30: Tidak Marquese Chris di topi Kings untuk waktu yang lama. Mantan Washington maju perdagangan ke Phoenix Suns dalam pertukaran untuk No 13 dan 28 Bogdan Bogdanovic dan koleksi, Vertikal

08:22: .. pembicaraan perdagangan antara Wolves dan sapi jantan yang belum mati. Baca lebih lanjut tentang potensi Jimmy Butler di sini

08:05. Wolves dilaporkan memiliki banyak di atas meja untuk Jimmy Butler dalam pertukaran untuk No 5 keseluruhan pilihan Zach Lavine, tapi mengucapkan terima kasih Chicago. Mereka berharap untuk menghentikan Ricky Rubio sebagai gantinya. Jika ini benar, itu dianggap sebagai kehilangan besar bagi Wolves. pemain muda Lavine bagus, tapi tentu harus dibuang

Baca lebih lanjut di sini

07:52: .. Kami memiliki jijik pertama kami semalam.

Setelah semua rumor tersebut dan pelatihan, Celtics membuat pilihan mereka di No 3 dan pergi dengan California mahasiswa maju Jaylen Brown

07:44 ET: Celtics tampaknya mengelola di bagian atas draft hadir. Mereka pada jam, tapi Danny Ainge adalah di telepon dengan Philadelphia 76ers dan Chicago Bulls menghadapi kemungkinan Nerlens Noel dan Jimmy Butler

Klik di sini untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang potensi Jimmy Butler Bisnis & amp; gt;. & Amp; amp; gt;

Klik di sini untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang potensi Nerlens Noel Bisnis & amp; gt; & Amp; amp; gt;

NBA Draft Orde

Aktifkan 1
1. Philadelphia 76ers – Ben Simmons, LSU
Los Angeles Lakers 2 – Brandon Ingram, Duke
Boston Celtics 3. (dari Brooklyn) – Jaylen Brown, California
4. Phoenix Suns – Dragan Bender, Maccabi Tel Aviv
5. Minnesota Timberwolves – Kris Dunn, Providence
6. New Orleans pelikan – Buddy hield, Oklahoma
7. Denver Nuggets (New York) – Jamal Murray, Kentucky
8. Sacramento Kings – Marquese Chriss, Washington (diperdagangkan ke Suns dilaporkan)
9. Toronto Raptors (dari Denver melalui New York) – Jacob Poeltl, Utah
Milwaukee Bucks 10. – Thon pembuat, Australia
Orlando Magic 11. – Domantas Sabonis, Gonzaga (diperdagangkan untuk tugas Oklahoma City Thunder)
12. Atlanta Hawks (Dari Utah Jazz) – Taurus Pangeran, Baylor
13. Phoenix Suns (Dari Washington) – Georgios Papagiannis, Yunani ( diperdagangkan dilaporkan Kings)
Chicago Bulls 14. – Denzel Valentine, Michigan State
15. Denver nugget (dari Houston) – Juan Hernan Gomez, Spanyol
Boston Celtics 16. (dari Dallas) – Guerschon Yabusele, Prancis
17. Memphis Grizzlies – Wade Baldwin IV, Vanderbilt
piston Detroit 18. – Henry Ellenson, Marquette
19. Denver nugget (dari Portland ) – Malik Beasley, Florida State
Indiana Pacers 20. – Caris Levert, Michigan
Atlanta Hawks 21. – DeAndre Bembry, Saint Joseph
Charlotte Hornets 22. – Maleakhi Richardson, Syracuse (diperdagangkan untuk tugas Kings)
Boston Celtics 23. – Ante Zizic, Kroasia
24. Philadelphia 76ers (dari Miami via Cleveland) – Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot, Prancis
Los Angeles Clippers 25. – Brice Johnson North Carolina
26. Philadelphia 76ers (dari Denver melalui Kota Oklahoma dan Cleveland) – Furkan Korkmanz, Turki
27 . Raptors Toronto – Pascal Siakam, New Mexico State
28. Phoenix Suns (dari Cleveland via Boston) (diperdagangkan untuk tugas Suns)
San Antonio Spurs 29.
30. Golden State

Putaran 2
31. Boston Celtics (dari Philadelphia melalui Miami)
Los Angeles Lakers 32.
Los Angeles Clippers 33. (dari Brooklyn)
34. Phoenix Suns
Boston Celtics 35. (dari Minnesota melalui Phoenix )
Milwaukee Bucks 36. (dari New Orleans melalui Sacramento)
Houston Rockets 37. (Dari New York melalui Sacramento dan Portland)
Milwaukee Bucks 38.
39. New Orleans pelikan (dari Denver melalui Philadelphia)
40. New Orleans pelikan (dari Sacramento)
Orlando Magic 41.
42. Utah Jazz
Houston Rockets 43.
44. Atlanta Hawks (Dari Washington)
Boston Celtics 45. (Dari Memphis oleh Dallas)
Dallas Mavericks 46
Orlando Magic 47. (dari Chicago)
Chicago Bulls 48 (dari Portland via Cleveland)
piston Detroit 49.
Indiana Pacers 50.
Boston Celtics 51. (dari Miami)
52. Utah Jazz (dari Boston melalui Memphis)
53 . Denver nugget (Dari Charlotte melalui Oklahoma City)
54. Atlanta Hawks
55. Brooklyn Nets (Los Angeles Clippers)
56. Denver nugget (dari Oklahoma City)
57 . Memphis Grizzlies (dari Toronto)
Boston Celtics 58. (dari Cleveland)
59. Sacramento Kings (dari San Antonio)
60. Utah Jazz (dari Golden State)

Gambar Thumbnail foto oleh Christopher Hanewinckel / USA TODAY Olahraga

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Key Takeaways Dari Sirius 2016 Resolusi Summit

Kami membawa kegembiraan dan antusiasme, Marketo Pemasaran Nation Summit dan membuat perjalanan ke SiriusDecisions untuk beberapa sesi Keynotes lebih merangsang dan menginspirasi di Nashville. Kita harus mengatakan, SiriusDecisions Summit tidak hanya hidup sampai kegembiraan tetapi mengambil takik. Acara ini penuh dengan – penelitian yang inovatif, peluang dan lebih dari 50 sesi dan 100 analis studi kasus praktisi

Kita belajar jaringan, “percaya”, “mengaktifkan” dan “Optimize’- 3 langkah penting <. / strong> yang membawa kita ke masa depan di mana seni dan ilmu pengetahuan datang bersama-sama untuk mengubah bagaimana bisnis harus dan akan terjadi di masa depan

yang paling banyak dibicarakan topik di puncak

  • pertumbuhan Cerdas spesies dan ilmu pengetahuan -. pencampuran seni mendongeng dengan ilmu difokuskan pada model inovatif dan cara-cara baru untuk mendukung
  • Posting 2 studi kasus global pemimpin infrastruktur wi-fi menunjukkan seberapa efektif pelacakan memungkinkan kita untuk melakukan optimasi corong yang mendalam dengan hasil yang baik
  • Adaptasi adalah penting bagi pemasar
  • pemasaran ukuran yang sama sehingga cyfrif– tidak cocok untuk semua, teknologi saat ini telah datang jauh dalam mendukung akun berbasis pasar –
  • kunci untuk masa depan: prediktif teknologi

tema tahun ini adalah konsisten – seni dan ilmu pintar , adalah topik utama yang dibahas adalah seni perpaduan dan ilmu bersama-sama hari ini , lebih dari sebelumnya. Dan di posisi catatan yang sama 2 , sponsor bangga SiriusDecisions platinum menyajikan sebuah studi kasus pada keberhasilan optimasi Corong Jauh. Pendekatan tiga cabang dari pencampuran Adtech, Martech dan Tracking & amp; amp; amp; Optimasi.

Jika Anda ingin tahu lebih banyak tentang optimasi corong Jauh, menjangkau kepada kami atau mampir ke kantor kami di jantung Silicon Valley, California.

Layanan takeaways Sirius Summit Keputusan kunci pada tahun 2016 muncul di Position².