Writer-in-Residence — Inspiration Project

February 2016  – Starting in March, Charlie will be writer-in-residence at the Fairhope Center for the Writing Arts on the gulf south of Mobile Alabama. During  last year’s visit he finished his novel DEAD INVESTIGATION, a sequel to his first book, DEAD CONNECTION. Farrar Strous and Giroux published this sequel last October. Around the same time FSG released the paperback of his fifth book, DEAD GIRL MOON.

The Center for the Writing Arts cottage is comfortable, picturesque, and situated within a hundred feet of a world-class library — a perfect environment for writing . Citizens of Fairhope are, by history and tradition, open, progressive, and multi-talented — an altogether amazing community — and Charlie has started another informal writing group with local authors Skip Jones, Teen Siener, and Don Sawyer.

Charlie also continues to collaborate with local artist/painter Chris Knight in a “spontaneous inspiration” experiment each week going outdoors to different locations and, once there,working in their separate media simultaneously for an hour with the same vista of inspiration.  Chris creates a plein air painting  and Charlie writes a short-short story the area evokes. Afterward, they rehash to see what transpired — what caught their separate fancies — what they notice about the similarities and differences in their processes.

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momoka nishina

Images from Village Earth Global Affiliate Amahoro’s Peacbuilding Project in Burundi.

Club members #3

The leaders of our new club which is dedicated to promoting sustainable peace and development strike a pose

While the international press continues to report high levels of violence in the capitol city of Bujumbura, those who are leading our project up north in Ngozi insist that everything is peaceful. Is this more of that journalistic mantra, “if it bleeds, it leads?”

Class on Conflict Resolution #4 with glasses #1

A group of students model the sunglasses they use to “see the world differently” as peacebuilders, to see former enemies as allies.

Women with load on head passes soccer game

A woman carries a load on her head as she passes a soccer field

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