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Thinking of Brussels and Keeping My Head Straight

The terrorist assault in Brussels is yet another demonstration of humans who turn themselves into monsters. It doesn’t matter the cause, what matters is the result of the actions taken that turned into yet another tragedy. Even the noblest philosophy can be twisted and turned into a catastrophe. We have centuries of history that shows…

Is Your Nut Driving You Nuts?

One of the most commonly overlooked problems in a guitar set-up also happens to be one of the most important pieces to get right! As one of only two resting points for each string on your guitar, the nut carries quite a burden. If you find it way too hard to hold down an F chord, if your strings buzz when played open, if your strings “catch” while tuning, or your guitar’s intonation just doesn’t seem right, your nut may be at fault. Sometimes it’s too far gone, and in many cases the best course of action is to have a new nut custom-made to fit your guitar. That said, steps can be made to correct problems with an existing nut to help make the guitar play the way it should. Below is a guide to doing just that!

Before you begin, you’re going to need to invest in some tools. For our purposes here, you’ll need the following:


– Nut Files (properly sized)
– Sand Paper
– Super Glue
– Second Nut (a piece of one will do)
– Masking Tape

The most important thing to do before you start any sort of nut work is to ensure that the guitar neck is straight as an arrow, with the strings tuned to pitch. If you cut deeper slots into a nut while the neck is bowed, and straighten the neck after, then your strings might end up sitting too close to the frets and cause fret buzz. On the flip-side, if your neck is back-bowed and you raise the slots, the strings may sit too high once the neck is correctly adjusted. Always start with a blank canvas by setting the neck completely straight!

Once your neck is set, you can assess the nut. With your right index finger, push down the low “E” string in the third fret. If the string is resting on the first fret at this point, either the slots are already cut perfectly or they’re too deep. If it isn’t resting on the fret, tap the string with your left index finger. If there is distance, and the string moves up and down, then there is room to file the nut slot down.


Here is where it is important to use nut files that are sized appropriately for the gauge of string you wish to use. If you’re using a set of #10-46, then for this low “E” string slot you will want a file that will cut a slot to accommodate a string that is .046″ in diameter. That said, you do not want the slot to be the same size as the string – you want the string to be able to move freely and not be gripped like it’s in a vise. A great way to do this would be to use a file that is a couple thou larger than the string size you are going to use. Alternatively, using a .046″ sized file for the low “E” and applying a slight “side-to-side” technique as you file will help achieve the right width.

To begin the process, remove the E string from its slot. File gently, forward and backwards once or twice. Put the string back in, and check its height again using the “third fret – first fret” method described above. This will give you an idea of how much distance remains for you to file. Ideally, you will want there to be almost no movement in the string when you push it down to the first fret. Continue the filing process until this distance is achieved, then repeat for each string.   *NOTE* – Try not to loosen the string when removing it from the slot. If you must, be sure to tune it to pitch when testing its height.


Now lets step back a bit and assume after your first assessment that the nut slots were actually sitting too low. In this case, you’ll want to fill them, and then re-cut them to the right height. To do this, loosen the strings and take them all out of their nut slots. A “string spreader” might be handy to keep them out of the way, but not necessary.

Using the sand paper and the extra nut, shave it down to create some “dust” out of its material. A good idea would be to place a sheet of paper underneath where you are sanding so you can easily see the nut material.


Next, run a piece of masking tape along the finger board right beside the nut, and another on the headstock beside the nut. This will be to protect from glue spillage during the next step. Many guitar nuts are not firmly secured to the neck here, so an alternative would be to just take the nut off altogether for this step.


Take a pinch of some dust that you prepared, and carefully place it into each of the nut slots. Then, add a small dab of super glue to each. A glue that comes in a container with a long, narrow spout at the end like that of a syringe would be best. This concoction will harden, and function virtually the same as the nut itself. The glue shouldn’t take too long to set, and when it does, you’ll just need to repeat the filing process that I talked about earlier.

That’s it! Once you’re done, all that’s left is to set your guitar up how you like it, and play.

Is Your Nut Driving You Nuts? from MyRareGuitars.com

Digital Tool Tuesday: Round ’em up


A roundup of news on digital tools:

Live feeds in the Twitter timeline: Periscope is inching closer to being a great live news tool as Twitter now can let live feeds run in the app. It can be useful for journalists covering live and unfolding events. It will show up in the Twitter feed, but not in support apps such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.

To use it, open Periscope. Write something about the broadcast before you begin, so followers can understand what’s going on.

As a precaution, have someone with an open Twitter feed checking to make sure your orientation is correct. I have seen many folks using a landscape orientation, which, in Twitter land, isn’t necessary.

And, if viewers want to add live comments or “heart” a broadcast, they still will have to open the Periscope app.

New features on Playbuzz. I’ve written about Playbuzz, the easy quiz generator. If have not used it lately, check it out again. Playbuzz has added several new quiz and poll forms, including a swiper.

The swiper is a Tinder-like function that allows viewers to vote a photo up or down. It’s already being used in awards season the red carpet. It’s ideal for a mobile audience that you can’t get with traditional photo galleries.

Here’s how it’s used for a quick election poll.

We’re waiting with bated breath for a bracket tool; please, Playbuzz?


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O’Reilly Automotive Inc (NASDAQ:ORLY) Grows Earnings Per Share for 28 Consecutive Quarters

ORLY logo
O’Reilly Automotive Inc

Jeff Fischer, Portfolio Manager at The Motley Fool, says O’Reilly Automotive Inc (NASDAQ:ORLY) is a well-run company that is seeing earnings per share growth over 20% year after year.

They operate 4,500 auto part stores, and they’re adding about 200 stores per year. They expect to add 210 this year. And the company is just exceptionally well-run and has a lot of demographics working in its favor: more cars on the road, record number of cars are being sold. Unemployment is going down, which of course means more people are driving. A lower price of gas leads to more miles being driven as well.

The company has just been really about phenomenal operation by management. For seven straight years, earnings per share have grown 20% or higher per year with 28 straight quarters of earnings per share growth above 20%. Same-store sales grew more than 7% every quarter last year in 2015.

So what’s happening is customer loyalty is very strong, and the company still has a lot of room to expand in the Northeast as well as other parts of the country, so they continue to look at acquisition targets as well. They grew earnings per share 25% last year, and they should grow earnings per share 16% to 20% this year. The stock trades in kind of a mid-20s value multiple on most metrics, but I think that premium is worth it.

Jeff Fischer
Jeff Fischer

Fischer says O’Reilly is also a good example of how a company employs new technology to its benefit.

One of the reasons they’re so profitable and growing so strongly is they invested early in data and information, and that helps them have the right auto part at the right time at the right place for people, and that’s a big convenience. When your car breaks down and you need a part, you’re going to get it from whoever can get it to you quickest. So companies that know how to harness the power of technology and use it to their advantage are certainly something that we look for.

The post O’Reilly Automotive Inc (NASDAQ:ORLY) Grows Earnings Per Share for 28 Consecutive Quarters appeared first on The Wall Street Transcript.

pakaian dan topless gambar Russell Crowe

Apa sepotong Kiwi / Aussie Russell Crowe adalah hari ini? Nah, menurut Washington Post, itu adalah Twitter-spam Paus untuk mempromosikan epik Alkitab / Noah Film apokaliptik nya mendatang. Aktor Oscar sangat sibuk tahun ini, karena ia mengarahkan (dan partisipasi dalam) film berjudul The air pustaka. Dia juga membintangi film baru-baru ini dirilis disebut Musim Dingin Tale, yang merupakan film bodoh tentang kuda terbang dan manusia tampaknya abadi. […]

Russell Crowe pakaian dan topless gambar Famewatcher

penyakit kudisan

pokies MILF

Mari kita memberikan wanita ini bersama-sama, akan kita? Berikan situasi analisis sedikit: bandana gaya rambut Bumpkin negara kecil, sebuah penjahat kecil digulung tank top putih, tipis, dan hanya sialan baik-baik saja d-cangkir, DD mungkin mungkin palsu tapi … Lanjutkan membaca

Tour De France

Tour De France.

we have 2 options at the farm shop, we have park and ride on Saturday, park in the field and get the bus every 15 mins into town, Sunday we have the race going past the shop. we have a great view point of the race and parade, we recommend you get here early to secure a good pitch, we open at 5.am, food available and lots of fun to be had.

penguasa sekarang

The Secret Recipe to Bake a Successful Hyperlocal Startup

This is a guest post by Neeraj Jain, CEO of Zopper

The startup ecosystem in India has witnessed major growth and development in these past few years. Being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India has laid forth a high-yielding and productive foundation for budding entrepreneurs to realise diverse business goals and maximise their reach to the masses. It is this, in confluence with the latest technological advances and constant innovation, which has hyperlocal startups steadily emerging as serious market players in the e-commerce sector. But what does it take to create a successful hyperlocal venture?

HyperlocalKYCC: Know Your Customer and Challenges

People today have hectic lifestyles, led by demanding professional commitments and their constant yearning for success. This leaves them with little to no time for indulging in leisure activities like spending time with loved ones, relaxing, or shopping. This is where the e-commerce industry boomed, encouraging consumers to shop online at convenience without even being physically present. But despite its benefits, the e-commerce sector faced several challenges with Indian consumers – delayed consumer order fulfilment was a big issue, as was a lack of trust for online shopping portals.

The hyperlocal industry addressed these concerns by marrying the benefits of the online medium with the trust, swiftness and convenience of the offline approach. Not only were the hyperlocal players boosting neighbourhood businesses by connecting service providers with a larger base of end-consumers, but were also more efficient and often offered doorstep delivery of services.

It was an understanding of the challenges faced by the online industry that led to the rise of hyperlocal segment. Therefore, the priority of any new players looking to venture into the hyperlocal space must be to understand the market dynamics on a macro as well as at a micro level. What does the consumer want? What are the challenges? How can these be addressed? What is the competition like and how is your service differentiated from the others? – These are the questions hyperlocal service providers need to assess before kick-starting their operations.

Identifying novel market gaps and adopting a fresh approach

India is a developing country, with a high opportunity-to-risk ratio. However, budding hyperlocal entrepreneurs must look to identify newer market gaps to establish their brand proposition instead of just being a part of the crowd for two reasons – lower competition and greater traction with businesses and consumers.

Take, for example, the Indian retail industry. According to some reports, around 95% of the $ 600 billion Indian retail industry does not have digital presence. Despite widespread acceptance of e-commerce in the Indian market, the trust factor drives many consumers to opt for the familiarity and comfort of local shops over online shopping.

As such, the segment is ripe for disruption, and any hyperlocal player that ventures into the retail space is bound to reap rich dividends later on if the strategy is optimally implemented. Many retail businesses, irrespective of their operational size, are also considering tie-ups with hyperlocal startups to gain a virtual presence to augment their business model and in the process reach out to a wider audience.

Planning, implementation and the benefits of a strong team

Take your time on the drawing board to create the perfect product, and take even more time to ensure that it is seamlessly fulfilling the requirement for which it is designed. Hyperlocal start-ups have to stay up to date with latest pricing and inventories of local vendors on a real-time basis, and have to effectively communicate any changes to the consumer without delay to ensure the highest standards of service. Delivering effective solutions and seamless usage experience to businesses and consumers will help boost your service adoption, and can only be done if the product and technologies used are built on a robust and efficient platform.

Startups of a hyperlocal nature also require competent and skilled professionals who can help expand the business further. Be it the rider making the delivery or the tech guy designing your product or your marketing person, you have to ensure that your team is made up of capable individuals proficient in not just their own areas of expertise, but are also capable of making positive contributions in other aspects of your business.

The chain that must not break – the Supply Chain

Another important factor that requires serious consideration in hyperlocal ventures is the delivery system – the final step of the entire supply process and the consumer-facing aspect of your business. As such, well-trained local delivery personnel are extremely necessary for hyperlocal startups to survive in the market, since they, by ensuring quality service, increase the customer satisfaction quotient as well as the value of the brand they are associated with.

Despite the challenges and risks, hyperlocal startups are being touted by industry experts as the next big players in the market. The flexibility and lower operational costs are also grabbing the attention of potential investors, who are willing to affiliate with such ambitious ventures and assist in furthering their growth manifold. Hyperlocal startups are also emerging as an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to embark on a committed and potentially successful adventure, providing an improved and upgraded environment for vendors and consumers alike!

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Disclaimer: This is a guest post. The statements, opinions and data contained in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors and not of iamWire and the editor(s).

Flint Water Crisis: Rick Snyder’s Cheap Trick

To prove that filtered Flint water is safe, Governor Rick Snyder pledged to drink it for one month, at work and at home. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/rick-snyder-flint_us_57161cb0e4b0060ccda438e7


It is a cheap trick because the risk of lead in the water is not for adults but for small children and infants, whose brains are developing.


What is he doing for the children who drank toxic water as a result of his cost-cutting?





10 Best Apps for Coping with Daily Stress

Daily routine and demanding jobs have brought a high level of stress in the lives of modern individuals. They are always on the run, always racing against time.

Developers have worked with psychologists, therapists and other types of currants, and have built efficient apps. The impressive results show once more that the app development market is able to contribute to all aspects of human life.

Here is a list with the best apps for eliminating daily stress and tension.

1. Calm

This app is meant to help users block all the sounds around them and only focus on breathing. Its goal is to determine people eliminate all distracting thoughts and find their way to peace and calm. Furthermore, through this technique you will be able to clear your mind and find the right path to walk in life.

The app’s design is simple and elegant, with a clear interface. It is really easy to use it and make the most out of its features. The product contains nature scenes and sounds, for example, an image with the sunset at the sea side accompanied by waves’ noise.



2. Pacifica

pacifica img2 570x475 10 Best Apps for Coping with Daily Stress
This particular app is well built and role-based. Its design is simplistic and relaxing, meant to transmit calm. Developers did a good job not overcharging the interface with tons of buttons and features.

The daily mood tracker allows users to input moods and to save the records for observing possible patterns. The relaxation and mindfulness audio tools consist on multiple lessons for deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and so on. The thought analyzer is for recording disturbing ideas and associating them with certain states of mind.

The daily challenges are there to help you make a change and take a step at a time towards a better life. The daily health tracker is for detecting bad habits that bring stress and anxiety into your daily life



3. Headspace

This app is all about creativity! Developers had made a brilliant job by building an adult dedicated app with an interface resembling games for kids. Due to this feature, the product stands out from the rest of the similar app in the store and attracts a larger audience. Next, it also includes high quality content that really helps users improve their lives. Because of this, people are actually willing to pay for its full features! All in all, it represents a successful app, an example for all mobile developers out there!



4. White Noise

This app combines multiple features like white sounds for relaxation and sleep, digital clock for the night and alarms for waking up. The product becomes practical due to one particular option – a timer for the white noise. Users can schedule the app to stop the noise after a certain period of time, so they can fall asleep carefree. All apps of this kind should have this useful feature!



5. Happier

This app is dedicated to those who need support and inspiration from real people, as it is based on an online community.

The design is pretty colorful and cheerful. It perfectly fits the whole atmosphere from the app, meant to uplift spirits and to determine people stress less about problems and appreciate more the beautiful things around them.



6. Happify

happify img6 570x461 10 Best Apps for Coping with Daily Stress

Developers of this app have taken into account all aspects that determine stress and have decided to try different ways of eliminating it. They have collaborated with the VIA Institute on Character in order to build a scientifically efficient product. This app represents the future of modern alternative medicine, boosted and shared via technology.

It is the first app of this kind to contain activities and games meant to improve emotional states of mind and elevate happiness.



7. Tao mix

The design of this app is more than simple – it is basically minimalist. But guess what? It attracts the target audience like a magnet. People who are just looking for a qualitative mix of natural sounds are highly appreciating this product. The app is a model of smart work – minimal investment in looks and maximum investment in content.



8. Fabulous: Motivate Me

This app is especially created for those who only succeed at making a change in their lives if everything looks like a challenge. Developers have really exceeded with this product – colorful, dynamic, motivational, attractive, emotional oriented, and why not, addictive! It makes you want to succeed at everything and reach more goals.

This stress reliving app works on many levels – a better sleep, boosted energy, meditation, healthier food diets, morning rituals, weight losing, focusing and so on. Actually, it is a whole journey towards a better, more fulfilling life.


9. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

nsrs img9 570x475 10 Best Apps for Coping with Daily Stress

This app comes along with beautiful nature scenes and sounds. It is great both for relaxing at work and for falling asleep at night.

Its features include a timer that automatically stops the player after a certain period of time. Next, the app allows users to set the sounds as ringtones or even alarms. Indeed, these waking up alarms are really peaceful and benefic for the brain!



10. Relax Melodies: Sleep Zen Sounds & White Noise

This app has a nice interface, resembling baby games. And talking about babies, it can be used to put little children to sleep, too! It comes with a large variety of sounds and combinations, for various activities: relaxing, focusing, falling asleep, meditating, yoga and so on.

Previous users have testified that they managed to fight insomnia by regularly using this product.



In conclusion, every single app mentioned above has two amazing features: it efficiently eliminates stress and it is a model of uniqueness for every mobile app developer. As a result, they can be used both by consumers, to improve their state of mind; and by developers, to learn some techniques in developing appealing mobile apps and steal some brilliant ideas.

Shahid Abbasi is an avid writer for mobile apps, design, startups and technology topics. He likes to research, write and publish his content. You can read the informative blogs regularly on his Technology Blog. Find on Twitter.

Eternal vigilance

This is the story about a communications company (I won’t name any names, but their initials are AT&T) and how sometimes the choices you make get overruled if you’re not paying attention.

One day I received a text message saying “paperless billing has been requested for your account.” Really? I thought. I never requested anything. So I called AT&T to find out what was going on. It should be a simple fix, I thought to myself. Just a computer glitch.

The lady on the other end of the phone (whose name is being protected because she’s not the cause of the problem) asked me if I had made any changes to my account recently. According to her, when a change is made to the account paperless billing is automatically activated, unless the customer says no. When I told her I had made no changes to the account, I received quite a jolt. She told me both the rate plan and data plans I currently had were changed to one of their new mobile share plans. I asked her (politely, given the circumstances) who made the changes, because I hadn’t, and no one else on the account was authorized to do so. She told me the changes appeared to be generated from their U-Verse department, approximately ten minutes before I received the text message. Incensed doesn’t even begin to describe my state of mind at that time.

After over an hour on hold, she finally came back and told me everything had been put back the way it was (except for two of the data plans which were grandfathered – those would have to be worked separately, but they finally were reinstated) and I would receive a credit on my bill for my troubles. (And actually, in looking at the bill, the credit was actually the pro-rated amount I would have been charged for the services I didn’t want, but I don’t care how it happened, as long as I got the credit.) She also told me that the incident would be looked into and hopefully someone would get in touch with me when they figured out what happened.

That was troubling enough. But four days later, when I received my U-Verse bill, I discovered that my internet service had been upgraded – again, without my knowledge or consent. This time, I didn’t even get the courtesy of a text message telling me what had happened. I once again called AT&T, once again described what had happened, and this lady (a different one, and again her name is protected) indicated that this change to my account had come from the Retentions department. (Note to AT&T: If you’re going to change customers’ accounts without their knowledge or consent, don’t let the department in charge of keeping customers happy do it.) Later, she told me it was the Sales department – and their explanation was, well, since I had HD service and a slower internet, that the higher speeds were necessary to keep the picture from pixelating and possibly freezing. (Since I work in video production and do a lot with both HD and online streaming, I knew this explanation was patently false.) I told her to put things back the way they were, which she was able to do.

So, AT&T was oh-for-two so far. Today, however, they got the golden sombrero. (For you non-baseball fans out there, that’s four strikeouts in a row.) When I looked at my new U-Verse bill, I discovered that a service I actually wanted and was paying for – the home wiring protection – had been removed. Really, guys?!? The guy I talked to this time (again, protecting his name) told me that the service had been removed on March 7, but he couldn’t determine a reason why. He tried to get me to call the sales department to have it added back, but I told him to do it himself, and to his credit he did.

The wireless side of the house also had changed my account – again – this time, listing my wife as the primary account holder. Again, I told them to change it back to normal.

Did all of AT&T’s computers suddenly get stupid in the same week? I find it hard to believe that all of these occurrences were due to computer glitches. Some friends have suggested that perhaps it’s a scheme to switch people over to new, more expensive services without their knowledge, hoping they don’t notice, and when they get the bill claim that the old service has been changed to the new one, and sorry but there’s nothing that can be done. I’m frankly surprised my changes could be reversed, but perhaps it was because (1) I called quickly, and (2) I was insistent (and slightly rude).

A letter has been sent to Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T (and thanks to Consumerist for the physical address information – check them out for lots of stuff like this), but in the meantime (assuming I get any sort of response – and believe me, I’m not holding my breath) I’d like to ask all who read this a simple question:

Have you discovered that any or all of your AT&T services had been changed without your permission or knowledge? This would include wireless, U-Verse, home phone, and DSL internet. I’m going to take a very unscientific poll to see what the responses are. It’s totally anonymous, and feel free to forward the blog link along to any friends or family who might have mentioned that something like that has happened to them.

What will I do with the results? Not sure yet, but I’m sure both the Texas Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission would be interested in something like this, even if it is apocryphal and unscientific.

But, then again, if the numbers are large enough, they may be forced to pay attention. From what my wife and I can gather from our brief investigation on the internet, it appears this has happened before.

Since AT&T forces its customers to agree to binding arbitration, a class action lawsuit is highly unlikely. But pressure from Texas and the Feds might cause AT&T to rethink its strategy of “slamming” consumers, as the old Ma Bell did with long distance customers. Apparently, old habits die hard.


FBI Cyber Bulletin: Smart Farming May Increase Cyber Targeting Against US Food and Agriculture Sector

The FBI and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) assess the Food and Agriculture (FA) Sector is increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks as farmers become more reliant on digitized data. While precision agriculture technology (a.k.a. smart farming)a reduces farming costs and increases crop yields, farmers need to be aware of and understand the associated cyber risks to their data and ensure that companies entrusted to manage their data, including digital management tool and application developers and cloud service providers, develop adequate cybersecurity and breach response plans.


The FBI and USDA assess the farming industry’s growing adoption of precision agriculture technology may increase cyber targeting activity against the FA Sector with the intent to steal farm-level data in bulk. A recent example of government-authorized big data analytics demonstrates the value of aggregating farm-level data to track and even anticipate crop availability and pricing. Similarly, criminals could aggregate stolen data or steal analyzed data to exploit US agriculture resources and market trends.

The Wall Street Journal in March 2014 reported concerns that the FA Sector will face increased cyber targeting with the growing adoption of equipment and services that collect and analyze farm-level data, including information about soil content and past crop yields as well as planting recommendations (i.e., precision agriculture).

On 27 January 2016, the USDA announced the winners of a contest in which Microsoft hosted a century of public climate and crop data for competitors worldwide to design data visualization tools for farmers. For example, the winning tool allows users to follow trends in local crop availability and prices. The intent of the contest was to explore how to render big data in agriculture into a tool that allows farmers to make sustainable decisions that have an impact on food supply.

Other Potential Cyber Risks to Farm-Level Data

In addition to theft, farm-level data may also be vulnerable to ransomware and data destruction. Ransomware has become a significant threat to US businesses and individuals. Perpetrators use ransomware to encrypt a user’s important files, rendering them unreadable until a ransom is paid. Hacktivists may also destroy data to protest, for example, the use of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) or pesticides.

The single most important protection measure against these threats is to implement a robust data back-up and recovery plan. Back-ups should be maintained in a separate and secure location so that malicious actors cannot readily access them from local networks.

Lessons from the Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) Sector

In October 2014, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sponsored a public workshop to discuss the cybersecurity challenges facing the HPH Sector. With regard to medical device manufacturing, expert panelists discussed how hospitals’ financial constraints and focus on patient safety and convenience have resulted in the improper use of legacy devices and a high demand for user-friendly, interoperable devices. This industry pressure has resulted in manufacturers prioritizing usability over security, thereby rendering connected hospital networks vulnerable to cyber attacks. Panelists discussed how industry leaders’ procurement demands—or “market pressures”—for manufacturers to prioritize device cybersecurity very likely are the key to ensuring cybersecurity standards are raised for medical devices overall.

Source: Capital Reporting Company; “Public Workshop: Collaborative Approaches for Medical Device and Healthcare Cybersecurity; Tuesday, October 21, 2014”; 15 December 2014; http://www.fda.gov/downloads/MedicalDevices/NewsEvents/WorkshopsConferences/UCM426854.pdf; accessed on 9 March 2016; Transcript for the first day of the FDA-sponsored public workshop on medical device and healthcare cybersecurity.

David Bragger: Big Fancy

Bulan lalu, berbasis Angeles mantan waktu biola Los David Bragger merilis CD debut solo yang berjudul “Big Fancy” Tiki Lounge Rekaman. Rekaman ini adalah koleksi indah dan lama ditunggu-tunggu lagu favorit biola bermain solo dan disertai dengan biola kedua, labu banjo, gitar, harmonium, dan bahkan bagpipe. David biola dengan hati dan jiwa dan […]

Video Premiere: DARIUSTX V. The Angels of Goliad

The genre I like to call stomp-folk has blown up in recent years. At the same time, folkies and singer-songwriters have slowly come to realize that there’s good money to be made in sync licensing, or selling permission to use your tracks in films and television. Every so often–more and more often, I should say–a […]

Patriots Mailbag: Dominique Easley Is Bill Belichick’s Biggest First-Round Bust

There was some blowback from New England diehards when I labeled Dominique Easley as Bill Belichick’s biggest Patriots first-round draft bust.

There were some who didn’t fully read my tweet and thought I said biggest draft bust, not first-round bust, and answered with the likes of Ras-I Dowling and Chad Jackson. That would be fair. They were bigger busts, but they were drafted in the second round.

The competition with Easley as first-round busts are Laurence Maroney and Brandon Meriweather. And while neither player proved worthy of a first-round pick, they also made it past Year 2 with the Patriots. That the Patriots were willing to take a cap hit to release Easley shows it wasn’t only injuries that forced the shocking divorce.

Let’s get into this week’s mailbag.

@DougKyed Is there any reason I shouldn’t be frustrated with Easley’s release? Just seems like a terrible move all around.
— @tony_yassa95
I think there’s more reason for Patriots fans to be frustrated with the pick than with the release. Based on reports, it seems the Patriots should have known he wasn’t going to be a great fit for the locker room.

Picking Easley in the first round already was a big risk because of his torn ACLs in college. While taking that risk, a player should otherwise be a perfect fit for the team, or it isn’t worth the added uncertainty.

There’s also the issue that Easley was only an ideal fit as a third-down interior rusher for the Patriots, and that’s not typically what a team selects in the first round. A first-round pick should be a near-every-down player, not a part-timer.

As for the release, it’s telling that no other team claimed Easley off waivers. I believe the Patriots tried to shop him before cutting him, and clearly no one was even interested in acquiring him for no compensation through waivers.

@DougKyed To what extent did NE beat reporters suspect Pats were unhappy w/Easley from the jump? Or ever? Was it as big a surprise as2 fans?
— @Grendel_the_Dog
I knew his personality was a little different than most Patriots players, but the release still completely caught me off guard. I didn’t think he was a guarantee to make the 2016 roster, however. I just didn’t expect the cut to come before training camp.

@DougKyed with Blount signing do the Pats still take a RB early in the draft?
— @jack_roos86
They should. They lack a player with high upside in the “big back” role. I think it’s a mistake if they keep ignoring the position and try to get by with veterans.

@DougKyed do you answer non-pats draft questions? If so, Wentz or Goff at 1 if you’re the Rams?
— @patsfan120
I guess Wentz, though I think it’s a bit of a risk to take an FCS quarterback who started seven games in 2015 with the first overall pick. It’s also a bit of a red flag that he didn’t even start in his first two seasons at North Dakota State. He certainly has upside, though.

Goff comes with a higher pedigree, but I’m having a hard time forgetting his game against Utah, when he threw five interceptions.

The Rams were desperate for a quarterback, and they’re ready to compete now, so I understand why they did the trade. I’m just not sure either one of those quarterbacks was worth the haul needed to trade up.

@DougKyed Sup?
— @June__NYC
Watching NJPW Invasion Attack, writing a mailbag.

@DougKyed do you have a favorite story or article you wrote in your career? Maybe one that’s stuck with you a bit more than the others.
— @Keltenkoehler
Probably my story about Julian Edelman and Tom Brady training last offseason in Montana.

@DougKyed Are the Pats going back to a 3-4 front after releasing Easley? They need to draft a linebacker if thats the case imo.
— @TimDan90
I would guess they’ll stay in a 4-3, but it’s possible they move to a 3-4.

Here’s how both alignments would look in the base defense:

4-3: DE Rob Ninkovich, DE Jabaal Sheard, DT Malcom Brown, DT Alan Branch/Terrance Knighton, LB Jamie Collins, LB Dont’a Hightower, LB Shea McClellin

3-4: DL Malcom Brown, DL Terrance Knighton, DL Alan Branch, OLB Rob Ninkovich, OLB Jabaal Sheard, ILB Dont’a Hightower, ILB Jamie Collins

There are a few issues with the 3-4:

— The Patriots don’t have an ideal five-technique defensive end other than Branch. Sheard and Ninkovich are too small, and Brown and Knighton aren’t long enough.

— Sheard and Ninkovich both would be better suited as weak-side OLBs in a 3-4, and you’d rather have either one of those players in the base defense over Shea McClellin. Chris Long also isn’t an ideal fit for a 3-4, because he’s stuck between a five-technique defensive end and outside linebacker.

@DougKyed favorite full house character?
The Beach Boys.

I watched “Fuller House,” by the way. It was OK. C+.

@DougKyed what do you see the patriots finishing the season at? With a relatively tough schedule and qb questions is 13-3 too generous?
— @tearsnwaterfall
I’ll go chalk with 12-4.

@DougKyed Will the patriots draft a wideout in the 2nd round
— @Teen_Titans23
I know there’s a certain faction of the Patriots’ fanbase that will freak out if they do.

It’s possible. The Patriots’ biggest draft needs are offensive tackle, running back, defensive tackle, cornerback and wide receiver in some order.

@DougKyed Will the Thursday night game against Houston feature color rush jerseys? If so, any guess as to what the Pats one might look like?
— @brentustick
I hope so. And if last year is any indication, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll look like crap.

The Texans could either wear all red or all blue color rush jerseys. I would guess they’ll go with all red.

That leaves either navy or silver for the Patriots. I’ll bet they go with silver, which will basically just look like kind of dirty white uniforms.

@DougKyed Does the Easley release change the Draft strategy and the requirement for defensive line depth?
— @JimGilhooly1957
I think they should draft another defensive lineman in the first three rounds, but it’s not absolutely required. The Patriots can get by with Brown, Branch, Knighton, Markus Kuhn, Chris Jones, Ishmaa’ily Kitchen, Frank Kearse and Joe Vellano. They would be better with some added depth and competition, but that’s a pretty solid group.

@DougKyed What way should WWE go with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson?
— @AirLarsen
Selfishly, I hope they keep teasing the Balor Club until after April 22 by having Gallows and Anderson attacking other teams, because I want Finn Balor to be at NXT in Lowell, Mass., and Kingston, R.I., because I’ll be there, and I want to see him.

Eventually, Finn should debut, and the Balor Club should be an nWo-esque stable.

@DougKyed New Day or Bullet Club?
— @JMetal_PhD
The New Day.


New. Day. Rocks.

New. Day. Rocks.

New. Day. Rocks.

New. Day. Rocks.

@DougKyed is Roman Reigns a good guy, a bad guy, or the guy?
— @bobbyg_81
He’s a guy.

I like that WWE is finally embracing Reigns as a tweener, but I wish they had done so before he headlined WrestleMania against who should be the biggest heel in the company. That’s WWE’s bad.

Thumbnail photo via Bruce Kluckhohn/USA TODAY Sports Images

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Nuala Kennedy: Tahan terliar

Bulan lalu, Nuala Kennedy telah menerbitkan salah satu trek paling indah untuk menyeberangi meja saya selama bertahun-tahun. album studio keempatnya, perilaku yang lebih berani (di bawah file arch) menampilkan suara malaikat di Gaelic dan Inggris dan keterampilan luar biasa biasa untuk flute dan berbagai peluit. Jika Anda mengikuti Nuala semua yang Anda […]
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bank terkaya di dunia, Joseph Safra, tuduhan korupsi Hit

Itu selalu mengejutkan untuk melihat “terkaya dunia” sesuatu untuk keluar dari yang terkait dengan kejahatan. Hal ini terutama berlaku jika orang yang dibebankan adalah seorang bankir. Seperti halnya dengan Joseph Safra, umumnya dikenal sebagai bankir terkaya di dunia, yang baru-baru dipukul dengan tuduhan korupsi oleh otoritas Brazil .

Menurut Polisi Federal Brasil memiliki Safra informasi rencana diselenggarakan oleh kelompok manajemen Safra suap senilai 15,3 juta reais untuk mengirim (atau sekitar $ 4.200.000) untuk otoritas pajak Brasil. Jaksa juga dilaporkan memiliki percakapan telepon yang direkam antara Safra dan João Inacio Usk, pejabat eksekutif Banco Safra, menunjukkan bahwa ia menyadari dan menyetujui suap ilegal. Safra tidak terlibat langsung dalam negosiasi atau suap skema itu sendiri. . Tapi penyadapan panggilan telepon yang diduga menunjukkan status suap dilaporkan Usk berbicara dengan Safra

Seorang juru bicara untuk Grup Safra menyebut tuduhan “tidak berdasar” dirilis pernyataan berikut:

ini belum ada penyimpangan dari salah satu perusahaan di kelompok Safra. tidak ada perwakilan dari kelompok menawarkan beberapa dorongan untuk pejabat publik dan kelompok belum menerima manfaat apapun dalam putusan pengadilan.

 Safra. Safra

ini adalah bukti bahwa bahkan dengan kekayaan bersih $ 18 miliar Anda tidak kebal terhadap skandal atau bahkan mungkin tuntutan pidana. Tapi tidak begitu jauh muncul Safra untuk turun tanpa perlawanan.

Tuduhan terhadap Safra merupakan bagian dari upaya yang lebih besar oleh aparat penegak hukum Brasil untuk menghilangkan korupsi dan suap pajak puluhan perusahaan besar di Brasil. Ini disebut “Operation Zelot.” . Dengan demikian, setidaknya ada perlu khawatir tentang Safra menghadapi penuduhnya sendiri

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